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2 years ago, I found that my blood pressure was relatively high.
The upper value was about 150 and the lower was 100, which exceeded the normal value.
My doctor provided me the prescription for a medicine and since then I had been taking it for several months.  However, the lower value had not been returned to normal.
One day, my wife talked with her friend about my issue.  She recommended a mulberry tea and gave her a bag.  According to my wife’s friend, her colleague’s high blood pressure improved dramatically after drinking the tea.
Then I heard that once one takes high blood pressure medicine, he would have to take it forever.
So, I thought that it would be better to drink the tea every day rather than taking medicines.
I stopped taking it and switched to drinking mulberry tea, which is made of organic ingredients.

Before that, I had brought Japanese green tea to the office everyday and drunk it while working and for lunch.
Instead, I decided to substitute mulberry tea.
I am not sure if this is better or not.  I put a tea bag in a bottle of 0.5 litter of hot water in a bottle and remove it after the water turns yellow.
If the tea bag is soaked in hot water for a long times, it will smell bad.
I drank it every day and found that my high blood pressure had been returned to normal several months after starting to drink it .  2 years later, my blood pressure value has been normal.
In addition to the benefit, drinking the tea has helped me keep my weight down. It prevented my weight gain.
It also helps lower my blood sugar.

I believe in it. I feel comfortable drinking it since it is a safe, natural tea, which has no side effects unlike medicine.
I would like to continue drinking it for a long time.  I appreciate and feel thankful for my wife’s friend advise when
I suffered from high blood pressure.
I want people who suffer from high blood pressure to enjoy the benefits of drinking the tea and wrote this testimony.
(H.Y, 46 years old, Male)

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  1. helen Tran says:

    I also have high blood pressure due to the stress from work. I have heard about this tea. Yesterday, my friend gave me few bags of tea for me to try. I had it yesterday and today. I do like the taste. But I don’t know where to buy the tea. I live in Irvine, California.

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