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  1. Hendrik santo says:

    Why in San Jose, calif , I can buy the mulberry tea? I visited the mistuwa market but Cannot find it. I live in San Jose close to militias.

  2. Lina says:

    I love your tea, but dont live near enough to a store that carries it. Your online store doesnt seem to be functioning…. any suggestions for me, I want to by more at a time…bulk.

  3. Alda Arroyo says:

    I like to know a cost of shipping to St. Louis , Mo an order of mulberry taa.

  4. laila says:


    Which mulberry leaves are your “organic mulberry tea” made of?


  5. W. Fuller says:

    location in Birmingham, al. to purchase mulberry tea leaves or mail order?

  6. alice cueba says:

    can I buy the mulberry tea in new york city? If yes, can you tell me the locations. thank you

    alice cueba

  7. helen Tran says:

    I am living in Irvine, California. Do you any stores in Orange County?

  8. Wilah Gadson says:

    Where can I find a store in Myrtle Beach S.C or Charleston, S.C?

  9. Jessica rosales says:

    Hi I would like to try the mulberry tea to help me loose weight, is there a specific one that I should get ?

  10. Norine says:

    My husband and I have tried and it really works. Our glucose count has gone down. regardless of what we eat.
    I recommend this tea to anyone who has severe problems with their sugar count. My husband’s count had been in the 200-300 levels. It is now in the 100s.
    My counts has been between 77 to 100s.

  11. Katy Huston says:

    I am finding this tea very helpful for reducing my post meal blood sugar. And I like it–so I keep drinking it! HOWEVER, it seems to not be available at Central Market, 15505 Westminster Way N., Shoreline , WA 98133. I have spoken to the person in charge of teas, but they said they have not been able to get it “for weeks”. I can go to Uwajimaya, but it is 10 miles away (as opposed to 1/2 mile for Central Market) and involves traffic and parking. Anything you can do? I want to recommend this for other diabetic friends, but can’t if it is that hard to get. Thank you.

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