Organic Mulberry Tea

Helps support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Promotes healthy digestive system
Promotes healthy heart
Supports healthy body weight
Supports healthy liver function

Looking for a delicious and healthy tea? Check out the Organic Mulberry Tea!

One of the most unique qualities of the mulberry leaf is that it prevents sugars from entering into your bloodstream. By preventing large amounts of monosaccharide from entering into circulation, the DNJ in mulberry teas help prevent and fight diabetes. Because it blocks unwanted excessive sugars before they even enter the bloodstream, it can also help with weight problems.

7 Reasons why you should drink Organic Mulberry Tea

1. 100% Organic (Certified by USDA)
We pride ourselves on organic farming methods without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.
The mulberry leaves used in our tea are uniquely cultivated using micro-organism rich soil, such as
yeast fungi and lactic acid bacteria, which helps naturally produce enzymes to break down organic matter. Compost for fertilizing the soil comes from organically-fed cattle and poultry.
Our water source comes from uncontaminated subsoil, 150 meters underground near Khao Yai
Mountains of Thailand. We are pleased that this is the only water source used to irrigate our
mulberry trees, ensuring an all-around organic products.

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About Mulberry

Mulberry leaves have traditionally been used in the Orient as herbal medicine. In recent times it is being used to help prevent and recover from many common disorders created by our modern lifestyle, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

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