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7 Reasons why you should drink Organic Mulberry Tea

7 Reasons why you should drink Eon's Mulberry Tea

1. 100% Organic (Certified by USDA)

We pride ourselves on organic farming methods without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.
The mulberry leaves used in our tea are uniquely cultivated using micro-organism rich soil, such as yeast fungi and lactic acid bacteria, which helps naturally produce enzymes to break down organic matter. Compost for fertilizing the soil comes from organically-fed cattle and poultry. Our water source comes from uncontaminated subsoil, 150 meters underground near Khao Yai Mountains of Thailand. We are pleased that this is the only water source used to irrigate our mulberry trees, ensuring an all-around organic products.

2. Promotes a healthy digestive system

Soluble fiber and potassium helps keep your digestive system healthy and regular. DNJ also supports good bacteria health.*

3. Helps support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Lowers high blood pressure, but does not affect healthy blood pressure. Improves blood content by lowering the amount of cholesterol in blood.*

4. Helps support a healthy body weight

Because it blocks enzymes from breaking down sugars, it decreases the amount of sugar absorbed into the body. Instead, the sugar harmlessly passes through the body helping you have a healthier weight.*

5. Supports healthy liver function

Mulberry leaves are known to have multiple benefits of health, including detoxification properties. This helps restore health problems caused by liver ailments.*

6. Promotes a healthy heart

Mulberry components help improve blood flow which eases the workload of the heart.*

7. Contains no caffeine

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.



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  1. nancy gossett says:

    I was introduced to Mulberry tea by through son’s Korean mother-in-law. Reading up, I am interested in finding reliable quality source. You sell at local Marukai. But have you assayed product for concentrations. Of active ingredient? I,’ d like to correlate with doses. Used in studies.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Gossett

  2. Flor Miranda says:


    Can you please tell me if you have your product available for retail at any location in the orange county Ca.? can you please email me information for distribution of your product?

    Thank you,

    Flor Miranda
    Host Operator
    Mother’s Market & Kitchen
    100 Kalmus Drive
    Costa Mesa CA,92626
    Phone (714) 549-6400 Ext.1031
    fax (714) 708-3145
    E-mail: florm@mothersmarket.com

  3. Susan says:

    Where can I buy mulberry tea in the 95336
    (Manteca California ) ?

  4. Ina. Pierre says:

    I am diabetic, type two. I would like to try the tea to see if it will worked for me. I am kind of afraid to drink it. For side effects. I am taking Gliburide & Metformin for my condition. I need some advice. Thank. You.

  5. Kay says:

    How much should you drink to get great results

  6. John Mathew says:

    I wish to purchase mulberrytea.how i can purchase it. Thanking you

  7. sarita says:

    wish to know the cost and how many in abox…thank u

  8. Patricia says:

    Is your tea gluten-free? Is your tea free from common food allergies?

  9. arsine says:

    which coutry is organic white mulberry tea is made.

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